First and foremost, Dan Merrill who volunteered to trek down from Portland Maine to capture a LIVE recording of the E-Merging Circles...Production/Engineering. Also...Guitar on Saharan Moon as well as Road to my Surrender.

A special "nod" to Jeff Miller for guitar solo on Main Street as well as additional keys on Two Kinds...along with technical support/ consulting.

Susan Koss vocal on Saharan Moon.

Al (Owl) Onyx rehearsal keys and critical analysis along with a poor man's Sigmund Freud provided to Buzz in many moments of despair and terror. The Bourbon is on me!

Bob Giovannetti additional tracking.

Eric Beebe additional tracking.

*This list will undoubtedly grow as the circle expands.



Merging Circles

The "Shape" Will Change.


"We prefer options, alternatives, and a fresh perspective to the status quo. We collectively dream in the abstract. Together we gain strength by swimming against the current... and at times we will be accused of rubbing the cats fur the wrong way... So in response, may we suggest that you turn the damned cat around!" -Old Drummer